How to use Nespresso Machine

7 Easy Steps on How to use Nespresso machine

How to use Nespresso Machine: The Nespresso coffee machines work in the same way to pod and K- cup-based brewers, but there are some differences. All the Nespresso machines give the same level when it comes to brewing coffee. These coffee machines grind, brew and mix coffee with the pressing of the buttons.

These machines are divided into two lines:

  • The original line
  • The Ventro line.

Capsule shapes & Types that are used in Nespresso Machine

Nespresso makes two shapes of coffee capsules that are used in different machines. The Original series of Nespresso machines use cylindrical dome-shaped capsules while the Vertuo series use hemisphere-shaped capsules

Two brewing technologies

Nespresso machines work on two different brewing technologies. Original machines use a high-pressure system to brew coffee. The Vertuo machines use centrifugation. It combines centrifugal force and water infusion as it spins the capsule rapidly in the machine. The Vertuo machines also offer drinks more giants as these can deal with larger cups of coffee.

Using the First Time:

Before using any Nespresso machine, make sure to rinse it from inside and outside properly. You need to brew hot water several times to clean it.


The first step is rinsing out the water tank and filling it with fresh tap water. Remove the water tank into place on the back of the Nespresso unit. Add water in it and fill it o, making the rinsing process easy.

Make the machine ready:

Plug the Nespresso machine first. Push the “lungo” button, the light starts blinking, and the machine gets turned on. Lights blink as long as the device warms up, then the light becomes stable when the Nespresso gets ready for


Place the mug:

Put a large mug on the tray in the front of the Nespresso unit to catch the hot water. Don’t forget this step; otherwise, your counter will get wet.

Rinse the machine:

Click on the “lungo” button to start the process of rinsing. Repeat this process two or three times. Use hot water for the process of rinsing.

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Things you will need include

  • Water
  • Coffee or espresso capsules in required type and size
  • Cup of the desired size

Step 1: Check the Water tank

Check the water tank of your Nespresso machine. Fill it with enough water to brew as many cups as you want of espresso beverages. Having extra water in the water tank helps you in making more cup of coffee with ease.

Step 2: Switch on the Machine

Press the “espresso” or “lungo” button to switch on an Original series of the Nespresso machines. Press the “on” button for the Vertuo series of machines. Firstly, the light will blink, but then it becomes stable when the machine gets ready for use. The stable light serves as a signal of the readiness of the machine for the brewing process.

Step 3: Place the Cup in the tray

Put your espresso or coffee cup in the tray made for placing a cup. This tray is fixed in the front of the Nespresso machines. Some Vertuo models have the adjustable tray where you can put a small espresso cup closer to the spout that dispenses hot drinks. For using an adjustable tray, you have to fix the tray at the desirable position.

Step 4: put in the Coffee Capsule

For the Original machine, lift the lever to approach the port for the coffee capsule. For the Vertuo machine, turn on the lever to “unlock,” and lift the head to open it. Insert the coffee capsule in the capsule port in your coffee machine.

In the Original Nespresso machines, the capsule is on the device, but in the Vertuo series of machines, the dome side must have face down. Push the lever down to start the brewing process in the Original machines.

For the Vertuos Close the lid and slide its lever to the “lock” the position of the capsule. All the Nespresso machines automatically stop brewing when coffee gets ready.

Step 5: Setting of the drink amount (Vertuo)

The Vertuo-series devices are manually operated, stopping if you want to create espresso, lungo, or half cup of coffee. Press the “on” button to stop the process of dispensing when the required amount of coffee reaches in your cup. You can resume the same “On ” button t resume the process of dispensing.

Step 6: Removing the used capsules

Nespresso coffee machines use a coffee capsule only once, then this capsule can’t be used again. So the used capsule is released from the unit after use. All machines have a specific way of releasing and removing the used capsules. For the Original units, you have to lift the lever and lower it once again to release the used capsule into the bin. For the Vertuo models, unlock the lever for lifting the head, and the machine ejects the capsule into the bin.

Step 7: Wiping down the coffee machine

The process of brewing coffee finishes, the Nespresso units turn off automatically. It is the time to wipe it down properly. Take out the used coffee capsule and throw them in it into the trash. Wipe down the removable and adjustable coffee-cup tray with a damp and soft cloth. Also, wipe down any other areas on the coffee machine if required. Make the water tank empty and let it dry in the fresh air.

Watch this video for visual learning.

Cleaning of the Nespresso machine:

Cleaning the coffee machine is essential as it saves your coffee machine from bacteria and plods. Moreover, it keeps the taste of your coffee fresh and tasty. There are two ways of cleaning the coffee machines of Nespresso:

Daily cleaning

In daily cleaning, you can wash a water tank, drip tray, and capsule container with the dish detergent on a regular base. This activity is suitable for having fresh and hygienic cups of coffee.

If proper cleaning on regular cleaning is not done, your coffee machine can become a victim of bacteria and germs, which is terrible for your health and the functioning of the coffee making machine.


In descaling, you clean your coffee machine in detail. Usually, descaling is due after 3 months or after the period when the machine has used 300 capsules.

For descaling, you have to prepare your coffee making machine. Make sure to set your coffee machine on the descaling mode by removing the capsule container and drip tray. Put your machine in descaling mode. The different machine has a button for descaling.

For descaling, the Vertuo Line has one button while the Pixie, Inissia, and CitiZ have two flashing buttons for this purpose. The Prodigio has three coffee buttons for descaling purposes, and you have to hold them collectively for three to six seconds. (We have given the stepwise detail of cleaning and descaling in our article “Cleaning the coffee Nespresso Machine.”

In daily cleaning. You can wash the water tank, drip tray, and capsule container with the dish detergent on a regular base. This activity is suitable for having fresh and hygienic cups of coffee.

Selection of the machine

The selection of coffee machines and recipes is the most essential step in using the instruction of using the coffee machine. If you want to make a latte, you can choose Nespresso Essenza Mini, VertuoPlus Evoluo, Nespresso CitiZ, Breville- Nespresso, Lattissima and many more.

For cappuccino making, you can choose from Breville Barista, Vertuo Cappuccino maker, Lattissmia Cappuccino maker, and many more. (We have given the detail of each machine in our previous article You can check that for a detailed view of the range of the cappuccino and latte makers).

Selection of recipe:

For better use of the coffee machine, you need to know the selection of the recipe. Nespresso is the range of coffee making, which offers you programmed recipes of coffee. You need to press the touch button for selecting the right button for making the rich, tasty, and fresh coffee in seconds.

We have given the detail of the selection of Machines in our previous Nespresso machine article where you can find machines and recipes easily. You can check those details for further guidance.)


So, these are specific steps that are necessary to know before using the Nespresso coffee machines. These steps are straightforward to follow. These steps can help you in using the coffee machine, adjusting the tray, cups, capsules, and water tank properly.

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