How to roast coffee at home | The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

How to roast coffee at home

Home roasting is the best idea for those who love to take a fresh shot of coffee in the morning. It ensures that your coffee is fresh and has the best aroma.

You often go to a coffee shop and demand light, medium, or dark roasted beans, now you can do it for yourself at home with little effort. Coffee is basically a tiny red fruit that is used to boost energy but it goes through different processes before it reaches your cup.

The best thing about home roasting is you can roast coffee beans in your desired taste and color from light to dark. Purpose of roasting beans is to make them less bitter and less acidic because it is undrinkable without roasting.

How to roast coffee at home

Roasting coffee beans simply remove the outer cover and cooks it from the inside so it becomes drinkable and can be stored for a longer time.  Roasting coffee at home is easy as we have covered different methods of roasting. You can adopt any of them according to your convenience.

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Process of Roasting Coffee Beans at Home

The process of roasting coffee beans at home is so simple and easy. Just follow a few steps and get your desired roasted coffee with the best aroma.

Choose your coffee Beans

First, you need to choose your favorite coffee beans. Raw coffee beans come in different flavors and are sold by various brands and companies. Before starting the roasting process, you should choose your favorite coffee beans, so you may enjoy your favorite cup of refreshing coffee anytime.

A small unit is great until you find your best choice. Sample packs are best to experience. Once you get your choice you will find it more convenient to choose.

Select Your Roasting Method

Various methods are used to roast coffee beans at home are discussed below. Choose one of them you like the most.

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Use a coffee roaster

Roasting machines work much better than other hacks as these machines are specially designed to road coffee beans in appropriate manners. If you are serious about roasting, you can buy a roaster for yourself.

Just pour the desired amount of coffee beans into a roaster, turn the machine on. Set the machine for your desired choice from light to dark. Roasting machines will let you listen to the first and second crack. Simply turn off the machine and let the beans cool down and store them for a longer time.

Use a frying pan

Using a frying pan is the cheapest and simplest way to roast coffee beans at home. It is the most popular way to roast coffee beans at home. Simply put a single layer of coffee beans in the frying pan, use a wooden spatula to mixing coffee beans, wait for the first crack for light to medium roast.

Continuously mix coffee beans until the second crack for a dark roast. Turn off the flame when you get the desired color. Cooldown the beans and use them to brew your favorite cup of joe.

Roast beans in the oven

Another way to roast coffee beans is an oven. You can get evenly roasted beans by using an oven but this method is a little messy and need some experience of roasting and controlling the oven. Also, use an open area or ventilation to prevent dangerous smoke produced by this method.

Pre-heat your oven to 500F. Some models have different heating temperatures so you can adjust them according to your desire. Put a flat layer of coffee beans in the perforated tray, turn on the oven and wait for 5-7 minutes for light to medium roast.

Make sure the coffee tray doesn’t let the beans stuck between the holes of the oven. Set the beans in the middle of the tray to get a consistent temperature. Wait for a second crack and hardly wait for 60 seconds after the second crack for dark coffee beans. Let the beans out for cooling and store them in a container.

Use Popcorn Machine

No doubt popcorn machines are used to make popcorn but you can also use them for roasting coffee beans, especially in a hot air popcorn popper. To avoid smoke, you can roast beans near a window or an open area.

Pre-heat machine for 30 seconds. Put ½ cup of beans in the machine and let it rotate. Use a wooden spatula to move the beans. Wait for 3-5 minutes to hear the first crack for light to medium roast and 6-8 minutes for the second crack to dark roast beans.

Let the beans out for cooling and store them in a container for later use.

 Start roasting

Whatever method you are using for roasting beans, just keep in mind a few tips:

  • Pre-heat your frying pan, oven, or popcorn machine before roasting.
  • Provide perfect temperature for roasting
  • Use a wooden spatula to shuffle beans during the roasting process.
  • Keep the environment ventilated as the roasting process produces smoke whatsoever method you are using.
  • Do not forget to check the color of the beans. Adjust temperature and time to get perfect roast light, medium or dark beans.

Cooling and storing

After roasting coffee beans, the next step is to cool and store coffee beans. After getting the desired color spread the hot beans on a baking sheet for faster cooling. Once the beans get cool, store them in an airtight container. And here you can perfectly roast coffee beans at home. You can store them directly in the container or grind them instantly.


Perfectly roasted coffee beans are fresh and give the best taste and flavor to your coffee. It is easy to roast coffee beans at home in just a few simple steps.

Use these freshly roasted coffee beans to make a delicious cup of coffee. You can store coffee beans directly in a container or grind them with your own grinder for the best experience.

If you don’t have a coffee grinder don’t worry here, we have a review article on the best coffee grinders for the French press. You can go there and search for your best grinder.

You can also enjoy espresso drinks by using these coffee beans as we have a review article on the best Delonghi espresso machines. Some of these models contain a steel burr grinder that automatically grinds coffee beans and makes a delicious cup of espresso.

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