How to make cappuccino with Nespresso

How to make cappuccino with Nespresso

Have you ever tried a cappuccino? And wonder how it is made? Today we are sharing a 5 minutes easy recipe for cappuccino to make a perfect cup each time.

This recipe will replace your coffee shop drink as you will need some basic ingredients and some barista-style skills. Cappuccino is an Italian drink that is made of one-part espresso coffee; one part steamed milk, white sugar, a little bit of cocoa powder for topping, and a Nespresso machine. 

The second method today is used for cappuccino is typically made with a double shot of espresso, hot milk, sugar, steamed milk foam (you can use cream instead of milk), and top with cinnamon or chocolate powder, and last but not the least a Nespresso machine.

Note: If you don’t have a Nespresso machine, we have a review article on the Nespresso machine.

Ingredients you will need to prepare cappuccino with Nespresso

  • 1 espresso coffee capsule (of your choice)
  • 1/3 cup of cold milk
  • White sugar (as per taste)
  • Cocoa powder/ cinnamon powder
  • Frother milk or Nespresso steam nozzle 
  • Cappuccino cup

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Step by Step Process

  • Step 1: Froth your milk with Nespresso steam frother until it gets a silky velvety foam texture 
  • Step 2: Brew your favorite coffee capsule into the cup with the help of a Nespresso machine
  • Step 3: Fill your cup with froth milk
  • Step 4: Add some sugar
  • Step 5: Garnish your cup with cocoa or cinnamon powder and you will get a delicious cup of cappuccino.

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