16 Steps on How to Clean Nespresso Machine

The cleanliness of the coffee machine is necessary as it not only affects our health but the taste and working of the coffee machine. Impurities, hard-water deposits, and the oily remains of coffee can cause significant drawbacks to the taste and operation of your coffee machine.

So, from the hygienic and technical point of view, you must know how to clean Nespresso machine in an effective way.

Nespresso coffee making machines are user-friendly and easy to clean. They are usually hassle-free, but still, they need proper care and cleaning regularly. It would help if you cleaned the drip tray, capsule container, and water tank correctly and on a daily base.

There are two methods of clean the Nespresso machine:

  • Clean Nespresso Machine on a regular base
  • Descaling

Method 1.

Cleaning Nespresso machine on Regular Base

Daily-based cleaning is necessary for keeping the machine clean, hygienic, and essential. Daily based cleaning includes the following steps, which are very easy to follow:

1. Cleaning of the drip tray:

Cleaning the drip tray is very useful for maintaining the coffee machine neat and clean. You must remove the drip tray and wash it daily. You can use dishwashing detergent and cloth for this purpose. It is better to rinse the drip tray with warm water as it can kill the bacteria and germs and let it dry in air.

If there is any buildup in the dish, you must scrub it. If you do not clean the drip tray, bacteria and mold will grow in your drip tray.

2. Cleaning the capsule container:

Cleaning the capsule container is also necessary as it plays a significant role in producing the excellent taste of the coffee. You can wash the capsule container with ant dish wash detergent. It helps you to get fresh smell and taste of coffee in the real sense.

3. Cleaning the water tank:

Remove the water tank from the lid and wash it with dish wash detergent. Rinse with warm water and try to remove all suds. It’s better to wash and clean it daily, but if you don’t get time to clean it every day, then you must clean it after a few days. After washing, let clean it in the air and then clean it with the clean cloth.

While cleaning the water tank, you must take care of it by not allowing water to sit in the bottom of the tank as it can help in growing bacteria and mold.

4. Cleaning of the capsule detector:

The cleaning of the capsule detector is also essential for getting a fresh and tasty cup of coffee. It helps if you wipe the capsule detector lens with a soft cloth. Take a soft dry cloth and gently wipe the capsule detector lens with the soft-touch carefully without damaging the lens.

Don’t use water or soap for cleaning the capsule detector. It would help if you wiped away any smudges on the lens. The detector lens is usually fixed inside the machine. You can get it by removing the maintenance module, which is attached to the drip tray.

5. Cleaning the external parts:

The coffee outlet part and outside cover of the machine must be cleaned. You must clean these, many times in a week. Use a clean and damp cloth to wipe down the machine. The coffee outlet is the part where the coffee is transferred into your cup.

Use the cloth to wipe away the outlet part, especially. With this, you need to wipe down the outside parts and the inside walls where the capsule holder goes with proper care. By doing this, you can get a fresh taste and coffee according to hygienic standards.

6. Use mild and odorless cleaners on your Nespresso machine

While cleaning the Nespresso machine, don’t use strong cleaners. Use mild and odorless detergents. The use of sponges’ for cleaning is never recommended. Only use soft clothes.

Method  2:

Descaling Nespresso Machine

The second method on How to clean a Nespresso machine is Descaling. Here is the step-by-step guide for you.

1. Descale your coffee machine every three months:

Descale the Nespresso machine after every three months. If you make much coffee through your Nespresso machine, then you need to descale it after every 300 capsule usage. Some models programmed the descale system in the form of a light on the machine that blinks when you need to descale it. You can connect your machine to the online app, and the app tells you when the descaling of your machine is due.

2. prepare the machine for descaling:

Before you begin the process of descaling, make sure to empty the capsule container and the drip tray. Put them back into the machine and turn the machine on.

3. Set your machine into descaling mode:

For descaling your machine, you need to press different buttons depending on your model. The buttons start blinking, and the machine beeps when your machine ready. The beep serves as a signal to let you know you are in the descaling mode. Different Nespresso machine has different buttons for descaling. Here is the detail of the machine which has different descaling options:

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  • The VertuoLine has one button that you need to hold for about seven seconds or so.
  • The Pixie, Inissia, and CitiZ have two flashing buttons for descaling. So it is best if you held at both buttons at the same time for around three seconds.
  • Press the three coffee buttons for the Prodigio, at the same time. Hold them collectively for three to six seconds.


Descaling Nespresso machine

4. Use the descaling solution:

For descaling, you need a descaling solution. Pour one container of Nespresso descaling solution into the water tank then mix half a liter of water in it. Fix the slider and place a container larger enough to catch all of the water from the water tank under the coffee outlet.

5. Use a homemade descaling solution

If you don’t want to use a readymade descaling solution, you can use a homemade solution. The method for using homemade descaling is the same as for the readymade solution. You can make a solution with citric acid. The ingredients, along with the method for manufacturing a homemade solution, are written below:

  • Use 1 part of citric acid to 20 parts of water. You can also use lemon juice or vinegar.
  • Mix equal parts of liquid with equal parts of water.
  • If you use citric acid or lemon juice, then you need to rinse the machine twice before using it for making coffee. If you use vinegar, you need to clean the machine five times before use.

6. Start the descaling process

Different machines have different descaling buttons. You have to press any of the blinking coffee buttons. The descaling of your machine will begin. The water runs through the machine and expels into the container under the coffee outlet. When it is done, the machine automatically stops pushing the water through the outlet.

7. Repeat the descaling procedure.

Repeat the descaling procedure. Press the blinking button to start the machine the process. The machine repeats the same process. When it is finished, then it stops running.

8. Rinse all parts.

While descaling, you need to toss out the solution that runs through the machine. Remove the water tank, drip tray, and cup support for rinsing them thoroughly with warm water. Make sure that all parts are rinsed properly to wash off the descaling solution. Repair the machine when you have rinsed and dried all the parts.

9. Rinse the machine with clean water

It is necessary to rinse the machine with a descaling solution. Fill the water tank with clean water and put the container back under the coffee outlet. Click the blinking light to make the machine to run the water through the machine. It rinses the solution from the machine, then pours out the water. Pour clean water into the water tank and hit the blinking lights to repeat the rinsing process once more.

10. Exit descaling mode.

After rinsing the machine with clean water twice, press all three coffee buttons until the machine beeps. This will let you know you have an exited descaling mode. Let the machine dry at least 10 minutes before you use the machine again.

You can watch the video on Descaling Nespresso machine:

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the cleaning Nespresso machine necessary?

The cleaning and descaling of the Nespresso machine are necessary to save the machine from bacteria and dirt. It saves the machine from mold and dirt.

Cleaning can be done on a daily base by washing the drip tray, water tank, and capsule container. Still, descaling should be done after 3 months or after using 300 coffee capsules.

2. What are the benefits of cleaning and descaling the coffee machine?

Cleaning is necessary for all kitchen items, especially coffee, as it helps in saving the machine from bacteria and mold. It also helps us in getting fresh and germs-free coffee according to the health rules. Moreover, cleaning and descaling keep the working of the machine proper.

3. What are the disadvantages of not cleaning the coffee making machine?

The major disadvantage of not cleaning the coffee machine is that dirt and mold will affect the taste and the freshness of the coffee. Moreover, it is bad for our health.

4. Should cleaning and descaling be necessary on a regular base?

Cleaning the coffee machine on a daily base is necessary. For this purpose, you can wash capsule containers, the water tank, and the drip tray daily. As for descaling, it is usually done after three months. However, after using 300 capsules, descaling is recommended by the manufacturers.

5. Which thing is required for cleaning?

For regular cleaning, you need the following items:

  • Water
  • Dish wash detergent
  • Soft cloth
  • Dry and soft cloth

For descaling you will need:

  • Descaling solution (readymade or homemade as recommended by the company)
  • Soft cloth,
  • Water,
  • Dry and soft cloth


We have explained 2 methods step by step on how to clean the Nespresso machine. It is better to clean the coffee machines on a daily base. Descaling helps you to maintain the performance of the machine. So, cleaning on a daily base and scaling after the gap of 3 months is necessary for getting a good taste of the fresh coffee and maintaining the performance of your machine.

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