Best Nespresso Capsules

10 Best Nespresso Capsules 2022

Have you found yourself a perfect Nespresso machine? Perfect! Now all you have left to do is to get yourself the best Nespresso Capsules to start brewing your coffee at home.

Are you unsure what Nespresso Capsule is, how to use it, which ones to buy, and which are the best ones? Hold on!

Do you have so many questions? But don’t worry. You don’t have to jump from one article to another. I can give you answers to all your questions in this single article! Are you impressed? You must be. We’ll let’s get to some answering.

If you want to make coffee using a Nespresso Machine, you need a Coffee capsule, also called a coffee pod. This brewing of coffee from a “pod” system is patented by the Nespresso Machines.

The capsule or pod, whatever you like to call it, is a container for all the richest flavor of coffee that one can extract from it by passing some hot water through it to extract it.

There are a variety of flavors and types of Nespresso capsules that contain different flavors. They are also different on the base of Nespresso Machines they are compatible with.

Each Nespresso capsule makes a high-quality café standard rich flavor single-serving coffee. We have experimented and searched for the best Nespresso capsules for coffee that will give you a taste of a lifetime.

We have also extensively researched the best Nespresso capsules reviews and came up with the best capsules that you can buy.

Moreover, we will show you the best place to buy Nespresso capsulesBut before that, let me explain some essential things that some people may not know.

Types of Nespresso Capsules

Taking about capsules, this must be mentioned. Not all capsules are equal. They have many different types. Their composition and content size is different. On the basis of this, they are classified.

Different types of capsules are put together to make a “collection.” With this collection, you can make coffee with different flavors and strengths. We promise you, these flavors will not disappoint you. So let’s get to the types.

There are Espresso capsulesPure Origin CapsulesLungo Pods, and De-caffeinato Capsules. What are the differences between them, you may ask? Here are they:

Espresso Coffee Capsules

Nespresso espresso capsules are made by containing the traditional, high-quality coffee in it. This flavor is loved by most of the coffee enthusiasts. If a person is a coffee fan, this is a capsule they want to have with them all the time.

The collection of espresso pods have seven capsules. Each one of them has a lend of coffee in different strengths. This must be one of the best Nespresso Capsule flavors.

Pure Origine Coffee Capsules

This one is a unique combination of coffee capsules. These capsules are also espresso but their strengths are different and have different flavors. For example, one has a rather floral and wild taste. The other has a rather spicy Indian flavor.

Similarly, there is a sweet & sanity smooth and a fruity and balanced flavor.

Lungo Coffee Capsules

Next up are the Lungo capsules. These are the pods made for a rather bigger serving to enjoy a longer drink. These capsules can make you a Lungo, also known as Tall coffee.

For brewing this type of coffee capsule, you need double the amount of water as compared to espresso’s volume.

De-Caffeinato Coffee Capsules

For those people who would rather prefer a de-caff drink, let me tell you! Nespresso cares for you as well. Nespresso brings you one of the best Nespresso capsules flavors in de-caff.

Nespresso has brought you three de-caff coffee capsules. All of them vary in the intensity of their flavor and intensity of taste. These capsules will give you the kick of the best coffee with the minimum dose of caffeine.

Why we use capsules

Many people love coffee and are very fond of coffee making. But some of them like to make coffee off of scratch at their home. It is more fun for them, and they enjoy it more.

Also, some people love coffee. But they are speed workers. They don’t have time for investing in making themselves a cup of coffee, that too a café standard one. This is where Nespresso capsules step in.

The coffee lovers can use these capsules to make themselves coffee in no time and no energy wasting. All one needs to do is to place the capsule or pod in the Nespresso machine and turn it on. They will get a café standard well flavor extracted, richest, and frothiest coffee they can ever get.

We have searched for the best Nespresso capsules by ourselves as well as seen reviews of Nespresso capsules before bringing this to you.

At a Glance:

DesignNespresso CapsulesRetailer
1. Nespresso OriginalLine Capsules-Best Organic Capsules
Check Price
2. Nespresso Vertuoline Coffee Capsules-Compatible with All Nespresso Machines
Check Price
Staff Pick3. Nespresso Capsules OriginalLine KazaarIntenso
Check Price
Best Pick4. Starbucks by Nespresso
Check Price
5. Nespresso Capsules OriginalLine RistrettoIntenso
Check Price
6. Nespresso OriginalLine Fortissio Lungo
Check Price
7. Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine Flavored Variety Pack
Check Price
Budget Pick8. Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine,Stormio,Dark Roast Coffee
Check Price
9. Gimoka 100 pack Coffee Capsule<br>
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10. Nespresso Capsules OriginalLine Flavored Variety Pack<br>
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1. Nespresso OriginalLine Capsules-Best Organic Capsules

Variety Pack OriginalLine Capsules

This is one of the best Nespresso OriginalLine capsules. This collection has a 100 espresso pods. There is a huge variety of flavors. These coffee pods can be used to make a single serving of 1.35 oz.

These are one of the best Nespresso OriginalLine capsules that are flavored. There are 10 fortissimo Lungo, 10 Capriccio, 10 Arpeggio, 10 Vivalto Lungo, 10 Ristretto, 10 Livanto, 10 RistrettoDecaffeinato, 10 Vulluto, 10 Cosi, 10 Roma.

The intensity of capriccio is 5, Fortissio Lungo and Roma is 8, Vivalto Lungo, Cosi and Volluto is 4, Arpeggio is 9, Ristretto and RistrettoDecaffeinato is 10 and Livanto is 6.

The makers of this capsule also care for the environment and have made these capsules to be recycled. The coffee pods are made up of aluminum that can be reused. There are the best Nespresso capsules of Americano among them.

For OriginalLine Nespresso Machine Only

These are the best Nespresso capsules compatible with the OriginalLine Nespresso machine. These capsules can be used in Nespresso Original Line machines. They are not compatible with the Nespresso VertuoLine machine.


  • Best organic Nespresso capsules.
  • There are a variety of flavors in this package of capsules
  • There are a variety of intensity of coffee single-serving capsules in this package
  • 100 pods in one package
  • One pod can brew 1.35 oz of coffee


  • It can not be used to make coffee in the Nespresso VertuoLine Machine

Enjoying the best quality coffee became easy with this capsule package. There are a variety of flavors and intensities. This is best for people who like to try a variety of tastes.

2. Nespresso Vertuoline Coffee Capsules-Compatible with All Nespresso Machines

Nespresso Vertuoline Coffee Capsules

This is one of the best Nespresso Vertuoline capsules. This package comes in three sleeves. First is the Stormio, second is the Odacio and third is the Melozio. Stormio makes intense coffee because it had highly roasted Arabica coffee beans of Nicaraguan and Guatemalan.

These coffee beans evoke spicy, cereal and woody notes. The Stormio has an intensity of 8 and the sleeve contains 10 capsules. Odacio is a full-bodied coffee that has cereal notes and is accented by a little bit of East African Fruitiness.

It is made of a blend of fine Ethiopian and Nicaraguan Arabica which has an intensity of 7. It has 10 capsules in one sleeve. The Melozio coffee is made of fine quality Bourbon and Central American Arabica.

They are lightly roasted. It gives a perfectly smooth and balanced cup of coffee. The sleeve had 10 capsules and the intensity of this capsule of coffee is 6.


  • There is a variety of 3 different flavors
  • You can have multiple capsules of the same flavor in this package
  • It is compatible with Nespresso Vertuoline machines as well as other previous models of Nespresso machines.
  • It has the best strong Nespresso capsules as well as the light capsules.


  • The variety is limited to 3 flavors

Since there are multiple pods of the same flavor of coffee and there are three different flavors, this is best for the people who don’t like many variations in the taste of their drinks.

3. Nespresso Capsules OriginalLine KazaarIntenso

Staff Pick
Nespresso Capsules OriginalLine, KazaarIntenso

Another great product for you to enjoy and cherish. The KazaarIntenso might just have the intense kick that you are looking for.

It contains 50 counts of coffee pods that will sustain your very needs. It is comprised of two kinds of Robusta blends giving it an intense, rich flavor and syrupy feel. Don’t take it too lightly. When they say intense, they mean it! The flavor is layered with intense notes of pepper that leave more to be desired.

Each pod will give you a rich, creamy texture that will provide you with a whopping 1.35 oz serving of espresso. They are also known to be recyclable, and you can reuse the aluminum capsules and help protect the environment.


  • A blend of two Robustas from Brazil and Guatemala with a separate roasting of Arabica from South America.
  • It has an intense, rich, creamy flavor.
  • Powerful and bitter with notes of pepper.
  • A full range of espresso coffee can be achieved with the OriginalLine.


  • The two blends allow for a rich and intense experience.
  • The aluminum capsules are recyclable that also guarantees freshness for your coffee while in storage.
  • Create recipes with or without milk and have a whole range of espresso coffee.


  • These capsules are not compatible with VertuoLine machines.
  • It is recommended only for the original machine.
  • These capsules make for a rich, intense espresso experience. No decaff is available in this range.

For people that enjoy dark, bitter notes in their coffee and live for that really intense kick in the mornings. This one is sure to give you a bang for your buck as it strives to bring you one of the most flavorful as well as intense.

4. Starbucks by Nespresso

Best Pick
Starbucks by Nespresso

Starbucks lovers. This one is for you. Now, you too can enjoy the experience of Starbucks coffee at the comfort of your own home. In collaboration with Nespresso, this Starbucks favorite variety pack brings you a selection of five most favorite blends enjoyed at Starbucks.

Ranging from blonde roasts all the way to dark roasts. You sure will have a swell time going through this pack. It works with several of the Nespresso Original Line machines so no special or specific machinery or assembly is required! These are single-serve capsules. 50 count, 10 per flavor.


  • It contains a range of roast intensities from level 6 to level 11.
  • You receive 5 of the best Starbucks blends, including Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast, Pike Place Roast, House Blend, Single-Origin Colombia, and Caffè Verona.
  • Aluminum capsules for maximum freshness.


  • Five different flavors and intensities for people that love coffee.
  • A variety of Original Line machines can be used for the capsules, including basic appliances like KitchenAid, Creatista, Lattisima, Pixie, CitiZ and Essenza Mini.


  • It can only be used with the original Line machines from Nespresso.
  • You only receive 10 single-use capsules per flavor

If you want to get your hands on some different flavors and want to switch up your espresso routine, you might find this set up best fitted to your needs. You can experience a variety of notes ranging from smooth and sweet, chocolatey, earthy, and herbal all the way up to dark cacao and burnt sugar.

5. Nespresso Capsules OriginalLine RistrettoIntenso

Nespresso Capsules OriginalLine, RistrettoIntenso, Dark Roast Coffee,

Dark coffee is very bitter and intense in its nature. It is not for everyone but if you are someone that enjoys a steaming mug of pure dark coffee, then look no further.

Nespresso’s RistrettoIntenso capsules are created of a blend of some of the world’s best Arabicas and Robusta. It has a dark, smooth texture yet a zing to the taste due to the bitter-tasting East African Arabicas ground into it. It brews about 1.35oz espresso.

The roasting process is much slower, adding many layers and notes in a single cup. You can experience fruity, bitter, and chocolaty notes in one sip and is sure to make you want more and more.


  • Strong in flavor due to the combination of fruity and bitter Arabicas from South Africa and America and a hint of Robusta.
  • To ensure a unique platter while indulging the beans are low split roasted.


  • Really good, strong coffee with level 10 intensity and varying notes.
  • The tried and true Nespresso aluminum capsules guarantee freshness.


  • It only works well with the Nespresso original line machines.

For a more complex palate or for people that enjoy the taste of dark yet refined coffee. This goes down well and smoothly, and you sure will like it for its undertones.

6. Nespresso OriginalLine Fortissio Lungo

Nespresso OriginalLine: Fortissio Lungo - ''NOT Compatible with Vertuoline''

The Lungo range is another set up prepared by Nespresso. These pods shall provide you with a large serving of coffee about 3.7 oz. These pods have an intensity level of 8 and contain more dark notes than fruity.


  • It is a rich coffee with the added taste of malt and cereals that give it an overall smoother and fuller palate experience and taste.
  • It makes for an intense cup of coffee due to it’s split the roasted process of finely selected Indian Monsooned Malabar Arabica and Latin American beans.
  • You receive 50 pods.


  • It makes for large quantities of coffee.
  • It provides a rich yet smooth experience.


  • It is only compatible with OriginalLine products and cannot be used for Vertuoline.

It is another dark coffee suggestion that is rich and toasty in its nature that also creates a feeling of fullness and pleasant bitterness and richness.

7. Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine Flavored Variety Pack

Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Flavored Variety Pack

Another variety pack from Nespresso that works well with the Vertuoline. It offers 3 different assortments of blends. A level 6 intensity, medium roast that promises a rich and longer drinking experience as a single capsule brews about 7.8oz of coffee.



  • You receive more per cup of coffee.
  • You get to experience 3 of the best flavors.
  • It works efficiently with the Vertuoline setup.


  • You only receive 30 counts, 10 per flavor.
  • Only three flavors exist in this variety pack.

This one is more for those people that prefer a medium blend or roast and/or want to dabble into more flavors of coffee. This variety pack does have a good serving size even though the total count is low.

8. Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine,Stormio,Dark Roast Coffee

Budget Pick
8 Nespresso Capsules VertuoLine, Stormio, Dark Roast Coffee

Intensity level 8. It contains 30 counts of coffee pods that brew 7.8 oz of coffee. The rich, dark coffee is long roasted and contains different woody and earthy notes.

Aromas have been developed during the process of roasting and the spicy, woody flavor profile is sure to keep you wanting more. We have found this one for you after checking our the best Nespresso compatible capsule reviews.


  • A rich blend of dark, long roasted beans from Nicaraguan and Guatemalan arabica.
  • The flavor and aroma can be distinguished as spicy, woody, and smooth cereal-like.


  • Longer drinking experience due to the large amount per serving.
  • A strong coffee that involves woody and spicy tones into it than most other dark coffee blends.


  • You only receive 30 counts of the product.
  • You can only use it with the Nespresso Vertuoline machines.

This can also serve as a good alternative for any other dark coffee brews that this list covers. These are possibly the best strongest Nespresso capsules.

9. Gimoka 100 pack Coffee Capsule

Gimoka 100 pack Coffee Capsule

This is a full package of 100 capsules with a variety of 4 flavors and different intensities. Starting from the intensity level of 5 and working up its way from 6 and 7 up to 9. The flavors are Intenso, cremoso, lungo, vellutato.


  • This package has variable intensities of coffee capsules.
  • Intenso has a persistent flavor and intense aroma
  • Cremoso is rather soft and balanced
  • Lungo has a fruity note
  • Vellutato has a fruity and chocolaty note to it.


  • You get various flavors as well as intensities of coffee
  • These are 100 capsules in the package
  • Each flavor has 20 capsules.


  • The capsules are only compatible with OriginalLine Machines

Getting a variety of flavors and intensities can be the best package ever. Especially if it comes in a number of 100 capsules per package.

10. Nespresso Capsules OriginalLine Flavored Variety Pack

 Nespresso Capsules OriginalLine, Flavored Variety Pack, Medium Roast Coffee, 30 Count Coffee

A blend of Ethiopian and Kenyan arabica that offers 30 capsules, 10 per pack. It makes about 7.8oz of coffee that is full of floral and acidic notes. Level 4 intensity and a medium roast blend. This variety pack only contains the Giorno flavor.


  • A smooth, velvety, and floral drinking experience due to the arabica used.
  • Giorno coffee three packs included.


  • For a more milder, floral, and smooth drinking experience.
  • Vertuoline friendly.


  • 30 counts of only one flavor. No other flavor is given.

For a variety pack, you do receive only one flavor and nothing more but it does promise a much more silky experience and ensures that the drink goes down smoothly, leaving behind a pleasant bitter note in the palate.

How do we use capsules Effectively | 4 Easy Steps

This is a rather easy question that comes into the minds of people. How to use the capsules? Nespresso capsules are extremely easy to use. You just need to follow a few steps and your coffee will be ready in no time.

Step 1: Filling The Tank With Water

First, you need to fill the water tank with water. This water will be warmed to the temperature as per the temperature setting of your Nespresso Machine. You will later have to select the volume of water you want to use for your coffee.

Step 2: Putting Capsule In Nespresso Machine:

In this step, you need to place the coffee pod in the machine. You need to find which capsules are compatible with your machine. When you do, but only those capsules. Other capsules are not going to work in the Nespresso Machine.

Step 3: Adjust the Settings

This is where you choose how you want your coffee to be. You can adjust the volume of water you want according to your cup size or the daily dose of caffeine you need and other great deal of options.

That can be your drink type, what texture of milk do you prefer, how do you want your coffee to be frothed. Depending on the options your Nespresso Machine has.

If you aren’t sure which Nespresso Machines are the best and what options are available in them, read this about the best Nespresso Machine for a latte. Here you can find the one you are looking for.

Step 4: Start Brewing

Now when everything is ready, the water tank has water, your capsule is in, settings are adjusted, you press start. Your machine will brew your coffee. It will warm up the water. It will then pass the warm water into the capsule to extract the rich flavor from it.

After the infusion of flavor with the capsules, the water pours down into your cup. After the volume of water you chose has come out of the Nespresso Machine infused with the coffee flavor, Your coffee cup is ready! See, it was this easy.

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Best Nespresso Capsules | Flavor Guide

There are many flavors you can choose from, depending on your choice. Here is a guide to all the available flavors.

Ristretto Capsule

It is a blend of East African and South American Arabica. It has a touch of Robusta. They are roasted separately, which gives the drink a rather subtle fruity taste. It makes an intense espresso.

Arpeggio Capsule

It has origins of South and Central American Arabicas. This is made by dark roasting the beans. It has a strong, intense, and character body which is enhanced by the flavor of cocoa notes.

Roma Capsule 

The origin of this one is also of South and Central America. But this time, it is lightly roast and is balanced with Robusta. This gives the Roma sweet and woody notes. The taste lasts long on the palate.

Livanto Capsules

Another one from South and Central America is here to give your taste buds a good time. This one is a properly balanced espresso accompanied by the roasted caramelized notes.

Volluto Capsule

This has the origin of South America. It is pure and lightly roasted Arabica. It has a sweet biscuity flavor. The taste is reinforced by a little fruity and acidity note.

Capriccio Capsule

This is a blend of South American Arabica with a twist of Robust. This espresso is rich in aroma and has a strong typical cereal note.

Cosi Capsule

This one has roots from East Africa, South, and Central America. It is a blend of pure and lightly roasted Arabica with a note of citrus.

Dulsão Do Brazil Capsule

This blend of red and yellow Bourbon coffee is made of pure Brazilian Arabica. The beans are roasted separately to ensure the roundness and balance. It reveals sweet notes of honey and malt.

Rosabaya de Brazil Capsule

This is a blend of Colombian Arabica that has bees roasted individually. It develops a slight taste of acidity and had notes of red fruit and wine.

Indriya from India Capsules

This is a smooth blend of Arabica with a hint of Robusta from Southern India the is certainly one of the best Nespresso capsules for espresso. It is a full-bodied espresso. It had a distinct character and a note of spice. 

Fortissio Lungo Capsule

This one is one of the best Nespresso capsules for lungo. They originate from Central and South American Arabicas infused with a hint of robusta. It is an intense, full-bodied flavor with bitterness that develops notes of dark roasted beans.

Vivalto Lungo Capsule

This is made of a complex blend of South American and East African Arabicas that are separately roasted. It has a subtle floral note.

Linizio Lungo Capsule

This is made of pure Arabica of South America. It is a blend of Brazillian and Colombian coffee.

Decaffeinato Capsule

It is a blend of South American Arabicas, which is reinforced with a touch of Robusta. It is lightly roasted to reveal the hint of red fruit.

Decaffeinato Lungo Capsule

The South American Arabicas are slowly roasted with a touch of Robusta that gives this lungo a smooth, creamy body and a flavor of roasted cereal.

DecaffeinatoIntenso Capsule

This one is made by dark roasting the Arabicas of South America. It has a hint of robusta, which brings the subtle cocoa flavor out. There is a hint of roasted cereal taste as we.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Nespresso capsule is best for a latte?

To make the best latte, you have to make it from Ristretto. The East African Arabica and South American Arabica are roasted separately and then blended with the hint of robusta. This will help you make the perfect latte.

Can you use a Nespresso pod twice?

Technically speaking, you can use the Nespresso pod twice. But since the Nespresso machine is intended to extract most of the flavor in the first use. So if you use the pod for the second time, it will be just the leftover taste of the pod.

How many times can you use a Nespresso capsule?

It would be better to use a capsule only once. The best taste will be extracted for the first time. After that, there will be no or minimum taste and flavor left to extract. It is preferred to use it only once.

Do Starbucks pods work in Nespresso?

Yes, you can use the Starbucks pods with all the normal Nespresso machines. There are various types of Starbucks espresso capsules that can perfectly fit in the normal Nespresso machines.

Do Nespresso pods fit in verismo?

Unfortunately, there is no Nespresso capsule that can fit in verismo.

Final Conclusion

We have listed the best Nespresso capsules for latte, americano, cappuccino, lungo and many more. I hope our extensive research and checking out reviews for the Nespresso capsules benefit you a lot.