23 Types of Coffee in 2021 | Ultimate Types of Coffee Taste Guide

For coffee lovers, coffee is all they need to feel better. As there are tens of different types of coffee, you might get confused in a cafe. Need not to worry because we got you. In this article, we discuss different types of coffee drinks. Let’s dive in. Shall we?

Types of Coffee

There are different types of coffee. You can observe variations in the serving, although the essential ingredients are the same. Making coffee is an art. A little difference in the process changes the aroma and flavor of the coffee.

To better understand different kinds of coffee, we simply divide them into three main categories. Let’s dive in, to know more about these:

Type of Coffee Taste in Black Coffee

Black coffee is simply coffee and water. It does not contain any added ingredients such as milk, honey, sugar, etc. Black coffee has exquisite taste and aroma. When added with some ingredients, the aroma and flavor changes, and there are various ways to do so, with each drink having a unique flavor.

1. Espresso

Made with a variety of coffee beans, this Italian based drink is one of its kind. Hot water near the boiling point is passed through grounded coffee beans under intense pressure, resulting in a thick drink with high caffeine that is enough to wake you up. A single shot of espresso seems more straightforward than it is.

2. Americano

Americano or American Coffee is an espresso-based drink made by adding water to espresso. This diluted coffee has the same amount of caffeine but lasting longer. It is said that American soldiers in WWII did this to cater to the scarcity of coffee. Later, it was adopted by American Baristas.

If you add water first and then espresso, it becomes a Long black-a drink originated in New Zealand and Australia. Long black has two shots of espresso and is quite stronger. It also has more creme than Americano.

3. Ristretto

Slight different in flavor, Ristretto is a more concentrated and thicker drink than espresso. It is made with the same amount of finely-grounded coffee as in espresso, but half the amount of water, resulting in a darker and stronger coffee.

4. Drip Coffee

Boiling water passes through the ground coffee, dripping into the pot through a filter, delivering a drink that is greater in caffeine than an espresso. Brewing drip coffee is a slower process, and the drink is less intense.

5. Double Espresso

Now considered as a standard shot of espresso, ‘doppio,’ as said in Italian, is a stronger version of espresso. It is brewed with double the amount of finely-grounded coffee and results in a concentrated cup.

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6. Pour Over Coffee

Pour-over coffee is the same as drip coffee but gives you more control over the speed of pouring. Hot water is poured in concentric circles over coffee, dripping water through the filter. The speed through which you pour and the grind determines the taste.

Finer grind with quick pouring results in weak flavor while course grind with gentle pouring gives a stronger taste.

Aeropress Coffee

Aeropress coffee uses the Aeropress Device to make an espresso-like drink. It has a distinct taste. Aeropress has a plunger that puts pressure on the water that passes through the coffee into the container. The filter stops oil from passing into the cup.

Types of Milk-Based Coffee Drinks

Milk-based coffee gives you a whole new experience. Adding milk in pure coffee changes its flavor and aroma. Frothy milk lets you showcase your latte-art. These coffee drinks contain less caffeine, thus a good choice for your evening drink. Some variations of these drinks are:

7. Cappuccino

Introduced in the 17th century, Cappucino is an espresso-based drink that originated in Italy. It has one-third espresso, one-third milk, and one-third foam. Served hot or cold and with different variations such as chocolate shavings. Loved by all, hated by none, Cappucino is usually Italians’ breakfast drink.

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8. Flat White

Originated in New Zealand and Australia, the flat white is a famous milk-based drink. Rather than frothy milk, it is made with steamed milk at the bottom of the jug poured over espresso. The flat white has a velvety consistency and is creamier than frothy.

9. Latte

The word comes from Italian, which means ‘coffee and milk.’ Latte is made with steamed milk over a single shot of espresso. It contains lots of milk; thus, it has a milky aroma and an exquisite taste.

10. Mochaccino (Mocha)

A shot of espresso, additional syrup, steamed milk, and whipped cream. Mocha is a chocolate-coffee hybrid with enriching taste. The aroma is of chocolate powder or syrup that also reduced the acidity of coffee. Mocha is a good entry-drink for beginners as it is more of a creamy-chocolate coffee drink with optional top-ups like Marshmellow.

11. Macchiato

Macchiato is an espresso-based coffee drink. It is made with a small amount of dashed milk-that is usually foamed, poured over a single shot of espresso. It is different than Cappucino that has more steamed milk and foam.

Macchiato is a stronger drink with a distinct flavor. Depending on where you live, it is served with little variations such as chocolate added syrup.

12. Cafe breve

Bravo in Italian means short. It is prepared with a shot of espresso, steamed half-and-half milk, and a small layer of foam. It has a creamy texture, is rich in taste, and usually served without additional sweetener.

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Other Types of Coffee

Other than the above-mentioned two major types of coffee drinks that have a lot of variations, there are other unique coffee drinks that you must know.

13. Iced Coffee

A soothing, refreshing beverage that fulfills your caffeine desire. Iced coffee is a popular summertime drink. Iced coffee contains espresso, water or milk, ice cubes, and syrups to your taste.

14. Affogato

Not a real coffee, Affogato is more of a desert-serving that enriches your taste buds. Made with an espresso shot poured over a dessert that is usually vanilla ice cream.

15. Turkish Coffee

As the name suggests, Turkish coffee is a unique type of coffee in which coffee is poured into cups unfiltered. Coffee is made in a traditional coffee pot with sugar pre-added without milk or cream. Additional sugar is added to taste.

16. Irish coffee

Irish coffee is not real coffee. It is made with hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and topped cream. It is served hot and gives a rich and sweet flavor.

17. Vienna

Vienna coffee is made by mixing two shots of espresso with whipped cream rather than milk and sugar. Vienna has a strong flavor and creamy texture.

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Types of Coffee Beans

As there are different coffee drinks that we discussed above, these drinks are made using different kinds of coffee beans. There are three main types of coffee beans. These are:

18. Liberica

Liberica tree was first found in Liberia, hence names as coffee liberica. Coffee liberica beans are larger than other variants of beans. It has an almond-like flavor and smokey aroma. It is not famous in the West, but still, it is very popular in other countries.

19. Robusta

Robusta coffee has double the amount of caffeine than other variants. It also has more chlorogenic acid that is an antioxidant. Robusta coffee beans are used in instant coffee and filler in coffee blends.

20. Arabica

Coffee arabica represents 60-80% of global coffee production. It has nearly 60% more lipids than Robusta and nearly twice the sugar. These factors give it a distinct flavor and aroma. These beans taste better than other coffee variants because the sugar content gives a sweeter, better taste.

The growing region of coffee imparts its effects on coffee beans. Those grown at low altitude has exquisite taste and aroma. On the other hand, coffee beans grown at higher altitudes has a stronger flavor. This is because, at a higher altitude, there is a low oxygen level, which makes the plant adapt to environmental changes, resulting in a stronger flavor of coffee beans.

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Types of Coffee Roasts

Coffee beans until roasted are just simple raw green beans with no value. It is roasting that adds flavor to the coffee beans. There are different names for different stages of roasting, but some general terms apply to all.

21. Light Roast

When roasting coffee beans, cracking sounds when beans undergo certain reactions and expand, hence also known as the First crack. Lightly roasted beans look pale and dry and give light brown color. These are more acidic than medium roasts. Light roast gives a distinct, fruity aroma.

22. Medium Roast

Medium Roasted beans have a good balance of aroma, flavors, and acidity. These are medium brown, have a stronger smell than a light roast, and look dry.

A variation of the medium roast is Medium dark. Characterized by dark brown color, it has all acidity cut due to roasting. Strong aroma and bittersweet aftertaste give it a rich profile. Medium-dark leave some oil on the surface. The medium-dark roast is very popular.

23. Dark Roast

Dark Roast or Second crack beans are near black, oily, and shiny that give these roasts a unique profile. These are bitter with no acidity. Espresso is made from the dark roast or medium-dark roast.

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Coffee is amongst the top beverages in the world. No matter how many types of drinks you read about, there will always be new variations. But the above-mentioned drinks are widely famous. In the end, have your coffee your way.

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