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Have you ever experienced a stale coffee? This is what happens when you buy pre-roasted ground. Pre-roasted ground coffee is stale. Yes, it is more bitter and has a lack of flavor. What if you grind coffee beans on your own?

We brought you the best coffee grinder for the French press. Freshly roasted grind beans give the best taste to your coffee. Not all coffees have flavors like chocolate, nuts, and ash.

Some incredible coffee has blueberry, cinnamon, apple, and brown sugar flavor, and this only happens when the coffee beans are freshly ground. 

Various companies introduce coffee grinders with great functionality. Their specifications are different, some are efficient in grinding large amounts of coffee, some have versatile grinding options, some are manual and portable, all are available in different sizes and styles to ease your life.

Basic focus on quality and most are capable of grinding all coffees, very easy to use and reliable. 

Best Coffee Grinder for French Press

DesignBuying Guide & ReviewsRetailer
Best Pick1. Baratza Encore Conical Burr
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Staff Pick2. Mueller Ultra-Grind Conical Burr
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Budget Pick3. Handground Precision Manual
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4. Porlex Mini Stainless Steel
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5. JavaPresse Manual Coffee
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1. Baratza Encore Conical Burr

Best Pick
Baratza Encore Conical Burr| Best grinder for all types of coffee

Baratza Encore coffee grinder is the best grinder for all types of coffee as it grinds 40 different forms of coffee beans that are suitable for any coffee. It grinds coffee in just a few seconds without creating any mess and awkward noise. Small size takes little counter space and easy to use.

Just pour beans in the hopper and set size, switch on the machine and it will let you freshly ground coffee in just a few seconds. Bean hopper and bean container are removable and easy to wash and clean. This burr machine grinds 8oz of coffee beans at once, which is enough for your nice mug of coffee, and don’t let your coffee be stale.  


Here are 4 best features of Baratza Encore Conical Bur discussed below.

Brew from French to espresso

Baratza Encore is the best coffee grinder for those who love freshly ground coffee of all types. It brews French press and espresso, Aeropress, Hario V60, Chemex, and all other types of coffee. It grinds coffee in just a few seconds so you can enjoy your favorite brew in no time.

Forty grind options

Baratza Encore grinds coffee beans in 40 different forms that are enough to brew almost all coffee types. The first option is for the finest grind, and forty is for coarsest. It grinds 1-gram coffee beans in just one second with grind size 250 microns to 1200 microns. 

Bean hopper 

The bean hopper with a large top is fully removable and covered with a lid prevents from creating a mess during grinding. It holds 8 ounces of coffee beans at once and grinds them in just a few seconds. Transparency of bean hopper lets you see how many beans are left to grind.

Buttons and indicators

Baratza Encore coffee grinder consists of one button and two dials. The dial on the side is to switch on/off the machine and the dial under the hopper controls grind size from 1 to 40, and the button in front is the pulse button to produce small amounts of coffee.


  • Hight Quality coffee grinds
  • Forty different grind settings
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Relatively quiet


  • Non-transparent grind container (prevent a user to see volume)
  • Portafilter cartridge has to be held in place.

In my opinion, Baratza Encore is the best coffee grinder for all types of coffee. It allows you to enjoy different flavors of coffee with your fresh ground coffee. It provides high-quality coffee grinds in just a few seconds without creating a mess and harsh noise. Very easy to use and clean.

2. Mueller Ultra-Grind Conical Burr

Staff Pick
Mueller Ultra-Grind Conical Burr| Best quality coffee grinder

Mueller Ultra-Grind is the best coffee grinder with ultra-grind technology and standard conical burr that provides the best quality coffee and maintains the aroma and keeps coffee flavorful. The great capacity of the bean hopper can produce 30-32 cups.

The conical burr motor slowly grinds the coffee beans that make it less noisy. The Bean hopper and bean container are removable and the cleaning brush makes it easy to clean.

The machine automatically turns off after grinding ends. The coarseness knob allows grinding fine, medium-fine, medium, medium coarse and coarse coffee grounds suitable for all types of coffees.                     


Here are 3 best features of Mueller Ultra grind discussed below.

Great grinding capacity

Mueller Ultra-Grind produces high-quality grind coffee. Coffee bean hopper and ground container built with large capacity can hold up to 30-32 grounds coffee in them. Both bean hopper and container are removable and easy to clean. 

Coarseness Adjustment Knob

coarseness adjustment knob gives the widest range of grinding for every type of brewing. Coarseness knob start from 1 to 10. The first option is for the finest form and the tenth option for coarse coffee. You can adjust the coarseness level by rotating the knob to get your desired form of ground coffee.

One-touch operation

Mueller Ultra-Grind is very easy to use as it contains only one button and an integrated scale that will help you with worry-free grinding. Just press one button and get coffee beans to grind at a low temperature that doesn’t let your coffee beans be bitter and maintain aroma.


  • Maximum aroma and flavor
  • Less noisy
  • Auto-off function
  • Best quality coffee grinds


  • Little hard to assemble parts after cleaning
  • Doesn’t have many grind settings

I recommend this coffee machine because it gives the best quality ground coffee. It grinds coffee beans in different forms so you can make espresso, Moka, Aeropress, pour-over coffee, French press, and many more. It grinds coffee beans at the finest temperature and maintains an aroma.

3. Handground Precision Manual

Budget Pick
Handground Precision Manual| Best manual coffee grinder

Handground precision is the best coffee grinder as it grinds coffee in a very fine form, and it doesn’t require electricity to work. It is easy to use and designed with professional quality features keep in mind. Large bean hopper grinds 100g of beans and is marked with scales to measure the amount of beans.

This manual coffee grinder is designed to overcome the challenges of other grinders and met the requirements of people who love to grind coffee beans by using a manual grinder.


Here we have discussed 4 best features of a hand-ground precision manual coffee grinder.

Grand bean chamber

Most of the manual coffee grinder comes with a small and open chamber that grinds a small coffee and creates a mess. Handground precision can grind 100g coffee beans at one and locked lid keep beans inside the chamber and stop them from flying and hitting your face and eyes.

Good speed and effort 

The 40mm conical ceramic burr mill that grinds coffee beans into an even fine size and manual grinding speed slowly crushes the beans without heating them and bittering the taste of the coffee. The grinding takes the right amount of effort in the right amount of time.

Grind for any type of brew

Handground precision coffee grinder is perfectly made to brew all types of coffee. It provides settings from 1 to 8 to grind the desired consistency of coffee. The finest form is ground on 1 and coarse form on 8. You can set any form among them by rotating the bean hopper.


This incredible manual grinder is very handy and portable. It is smaller in size and needs no electricity, so it is transportable and able to carry everywhere. You can enjoy freshly brewed coffee anywhere with this handy grinder.


  • Very handy and comfortable to use
  • Grind fairly with perfect consistency
  • Hassle-free grinding
  • Simple to clean and use


  • Fragile if drop
  • Slightly taller than other hand grinders

I recommend Handground coffee grinders to those who love to grind fresh coffee beans manual coffee grinder.

This grinder will provide you with the best manual experience as it contains a large number of beans hopper than other manual grinders with a lid, which prevents coffee from scattering and crushing coffee from a nice fine to coarse form in little time.

4. Porlex Mini Stainless Steel

Porlex Mini Stainless Steel| Best mini grinder  

Porlex mini is the best grinder because good things come in small sizes. Most people have a very close relation with coffee, and they are conscious of it. Porlex mini is the best coffee grinder for those who love manual coffee grinders as it allows you to enjoy freshly ground coffee in little time.

It is made of a stainless-steel body that keeps it safe from breakage to move from one place to another without any fear.

The smaller size and removable handle crank make it travel friendly. It can grind in 12 different settings finest to coarse so, you can brew different styles like espresso, Moka, Aeropress, French press, and many more. It can easily grind 26 grams of coffee beans suitable for 2 cups in little time and effort.  


Here are the 3 best features of the Porlex mini stainless-steel grinder discussed below. 

Stainless steel body

Porlex mini grinder is specially designed with stainless steel that doesn’t let it break even after falling from your kitchen shelf. It is safe to damage as other glass or plastic manual grinders have a chance to break out their bean hopper of the container. A stainless body is also easy to clean as compared to glass.

Removable handle crank

Mostly hand grinder comes with a handle on the side or on a top that is usually not removable but the Porlex mini has a removable handle crank that holds its handle to prevent it from lost. And also make it easier to take less space on the kitchen counter.


Porlex Mini is the smallest and portable grinder than other manual grinders. It is only 130mm tall and 47mm wide, making it smaller and compact, perfect to fit into a suitcase and other small spaces. Easy to carry anytime, everywhere.


  • Portable
  • Versatile grind
  • Hard to damage with sturdy construction
  • Uses conical, ceramic burrs


  • No transparency
  • Slower output

I recommend this coffee grinder to those who love to travel and are tired of drinking stale coffee during their journey. Porlex Mini is smaller in size and very handy.

You can take it anywhere with you without any fear of breakage as it is made of stainless-steel body and suitable for a single person. 

5. JavaPresse Manual Coffee

JavaPresse Manual Coffee| Best manual 6 brew grinder 

JavaPresse is the best hand grinder as it provides 18 grinding settings that crush coffee beans from the finest form to medium coarse and coarse. Capable of grinding from espresso to French press in little time. Its compact, slim design and stainless body are perfect for traveling.

This small grinder contains java signature burr grinding blades that work more efficiently than other manual coffee grinders. This small and handy grinder can easily grind coffee for 2 people.

A small window in the bottom left to see your ground coffee quantity, very easy to use and clean. This manual grinder is fully covered and creates no noise and mess during grinding. 


Here we have discussed 4 best features of JavaPresse Manual Coffee

6 brew styles

JavaPresse is the best manual grinder that allows you to brew six different types of coffees. It can grind French press, Chemex, Drip cone, Residential, Aeropress, and Espresso. 18 grind settings crush coffee from fine to coarse so you can brew your favorite cup of joe.

Ground window

It a great feature in JavaPresse that it contains detailed windows on both sides of the ground container. This small window allows you to see the container’s ground quantity and quality as you do not need to open the lid again and again to see the grounds. Mostly manual grinders have not this type of incredible ground window.  

Compact and portable

JavaPresse is your best traveling partner as you do not need to drink stale coffee. Its small slim and compact design is very handy and easy to carry everywhere. You can keep it in your bag and take it anywhere with you. 


JavaPresse is more durable and reliable than other hand ground as it contains signature burr grinder blades that are more efficient than others. And its stainless-steel body keeps it safe from damage and breakage even after falling.


  • More brewing settings
  • Patented ceramic combo burr
  • Removable hand crank
  • Easy to take apart and clean


  • Hand crank slips while grinding 

I recommend this grinder to those who want to enjoy different coffee styles with freshly ground coffee every time. This manual grinder is handy and made with a stainless body that allows it to carry anywhere with you. It quickly grinds coffee for 2 cups easily in a couple of minutes.


All the above coffee grinders are best for French press and others, but their specifications are different. They vary from sizes, capacities, designs, grinding settings, constructions, portability, etc. It’s all up to the user what types of qualities he/she wants in the product.

But all of them Handground Precision Manual Coffee Grinder is the best. It has a larger transparent bean hopper with a measuring scale containing 100g beans and 8 grind settings from fine to coarse.

Transparent ground container easily holds coffee grounds and easy to use and clean. No mess, no electricity and Portable.

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